Wearable Technology Solutions

MHI was there for the first evolution, converting pen & paper collection into ruggedized smart mobile solutions. As part of the next industrial revolution, we're transforming workflows, improving efficiencies, and empowering the workforce with utility focused solutions delivered through heads up displays.

Leader in Augmented Reality Solutions for the Utility Industry

  • Established utility based company, with world-wide industry recognized expertise.
  • 1st utility based company to offer and commercialize a wearable technology platform for other utilities.
  • Successful track record of Augmented Reality/Wearable Technology utility deployments globally.
  • Instant access to Field Validation/Measuring with parent utility company.
  • Partnerships go beyond wearable tech hardware/software: Siemens, Alstom, ABB, GE, etc.
  • 100% focused on improving human capabilities in the utility industry with wearable technology.

Ready to explore the possible? Contact David, our Wearable Technology expert to schedule a webinar at denns@mhi.ca.