A Vegetation Free Right of Way

As a part of NERC Compliance, Transmission Owners must have a Vegetation Management Program to prevent transmission line contact with vegetation. Using LiDAR technology and PLS-CADD’s Danger Tree algorithms, WIRE Services can identify danger trees for grow-in conditions and simulated falling trees. WIRE Services can overlay these danger tree locations on ortho-rectified images showing the exact trees which are hazardous to the transmission line.  There are numerous benefits to implementing a Vegetation Management Program:

  • Danger tree analysis can be more cost effective than clear cutting.
  • All danger trees outside of the ROW are identified.  Clear cutting the ROW doesn’t solve this problem.
  • Trees inside the ROW which do not pose a risk to the transmission line are not identified for removal.
  • Removing only the danger trees is more environmentally friendly than clear cutting the ROW.