Mitigation Engineering

There are many innovative and cost-effective methods available to upgrade transmission lines and WIRE Services' parent company, Manitoba Hydro, has employed many of them.  Based on this extensive utility experience, we can help you find the best upgrade option to mitigate the thermal rating issues affecting your transmission line.

WIRE Services has experience using the following upgrade methods:

  • PhaseRaiser
  • Nip&Tuck®
  • Structure Replacements
  • Re-span
  • Tower Extensions
  • Re-conductor
  • Re-sag

Based on the results of the Thermal Rating Analysis, WIRE Services can recommend which upgrade method, or combination of upgrade methods, would be best suited for a particular line. We conduct feasibility, cost-benefit analysis, as well as technical studies that to ensure the upgrade meets your needs (sag-tension, structural analysis, etc).