Cost Effective Maintenance Solutions

Since the late 1990s, most transmission line asset owners have been performing line design and analysis with the support of LiDAR technology. WIRE Services is now able to provide accurate data and analysis at a fraction of the cost by using PhoDAR technology. Instead of using LiDAR points to generate a point cloud, WIRE is able to use high resolution digital imagery to achieve similar results. WIRE Services then imports these new point clouds into pre-existing PLS-CADD models to provide accurate and detailed clearance reports. The imagery also provides the means to complete a visual tower inspection from your desk.

Why PhoDAR Technology?

  • Cost-effective & accurate vegetation clearance reports
  • Quickly update your PLS-CADD model with local design & obstruction modifications
  • Timely visual inspection reports mitigating maintenance operational costs
  • Non-invasive & rapid acquisition of transmission line data