WIRE Services performs engineering analysis & upgrade solutions for your transmission and distribution network.  

To do so, we use many types of data which is gathered along the power line corridor (LiDAR data, MET data, forward & downward video, & ortho-rectifed imagery). With this data, WIRE Services can create a Transmission Line Model verifying the as-built conditions of the conductor.  

Once the Model has been built, WIRE Services is able to simulate any operating condition by raising the temperature of the wire to determine the maximum Thermal Rating of the conductor.  This service allows the utility to see if there are clearance issues to ground features or aerial obstacles. WIRE Services can also provide a Vegetation Management Program to the utility. We simulate different scenarios with different wind speeds that show conductor blow-out against vegetation on the ROW.  We then provide a detailed report showing locations of trees that pose an imminent danger to the transmission line.

If it is determined the tower needs to be raised, or if the conductor needs to be raised to avoid clearance issues, there are many new and cost effective methods available to upgrade the utilities power lines.

WIRE Services not only performs analysis on Transmission lines, but also designs Transmission lines. Whether it’s a 1km tap or a 100km new design project, WIRE Services has strong working relationships with LiDAR collectors, the experienced staff & PLS-CADD knowledge to engineer it.