Key Personnel

Jack Wilson
Managing Director
T +1 204 480 5805

Jack Wilson has over 40 year' experience in the power & energy industry working for both Manitoba Hydro and Manitoba Hydro International Ltd. Over the course of his career with Manitoba Hydro, Mr. Wilson was involved with the development and implementation of a number of energy management programs. He worked closely with all segments of the utilities' customer base, focusing his efforts mainly on large commercial and industrial customers to assist them in improving their energy efficiency. In 2011, Mr. Wilson joined Manitoba Hydro International Ltd. and continued that focus by establishing a high voltage maintenance service program for the vast commercial and industrial market in Manitoba and Canada.  In 2016, Mr. Wilson undertook the role as Managing Director of WIRE Services and is responsible for all aspects of the business operations.

Jason Wowryk, P.Eng.
Manager of Project Engineering
T +1 204 480 5807

Jason Wowryk received his Civil Engineering Degree from the University of Manitoba, Canada, in 2005. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Manitoba (APEGM), Alberta (APEGA), and Ontario (PEO). Mr. Wowryk's employment includes substantial experience using LiDAR data for transmission line analysis, design, upgrading, and maintenance. He has over 9 years of experience in the transmission line engineering field. Mr. Wowryk is an expert PLS-CADD user specializing in building as-built computer models using LiDAR data. He has a strong background in the sag and tension behaviour of overhead transmission line conductors and has developed a practical solution to accurately model overhead conductors from LiDAR survey's which are not in their final creep position. Mr. Wowryk also has experience in advanced structural engineering upgrade techniques to increase the capacity of existing transmission lines. Mr. Wowryk has been on the project engineering team since 2006 and is currently the Manager of Project Engineering for WIRE Services.

Ryan Troeller, P.Eng.
Senior Project Development Engineer
T +1 204 480 5803

Ryan Troeller received his Civil Engineering Degree from the University of Manitoba, Canada in 2005 and is a registered Professional Engineer with Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba. Mr. Troeller has 10 year’s experience in the transmission line design, construction, and maintenance fields with the Canadian utility Manitoba Hydro. From 2008 to 2014, he was focused on transmission line maintenance, asset management, and project management where he developed and implemented innovative solutions to deal with ageing infrastructure, environmental conditions, conductor vibration, emergency response, and condition assessment. Starting in 2014, Ryan spent one year working as a portfolio manager in distribution projects and two years looking after logistics for the Bipole III Transmission Line Construction Project. Mr. Troeller is currently the Senior Project Development Engineer for WIRE Services.

David Enns
Emerging Technologies Officer
T +1 204 227 4333

David Enns has more than 20 years of professional experience delivering improved efficiencies through technology solutions to the utility industry both in Canada and the U.S.A. His ability to understand needs, provide solutions, and transform processes has resulted in 7 international awards. His domain expertise is founded in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and emerging markets such as wearable technologies. In 2016, Mr. Enns joined WIRE Services and is responsible for aiding other utilities achieve project success from start to end by combining industry know-how, knowledge transfer and innovative approaches to data collection, modelling, engineering, and analysis.