General Inquiries

Q: Who are customers of WIRE Services?
A: Typically, WIRE Services works for Utility companies, providing a full range of services from PLS-CADD Modeling to Thermal Rating Analysis. WIRE Services also works for many Engineering Consultants providing support in areas where LiDAR based engineering is required.

Q: Does WIRE Services own a helicopter?
A. No - WIRE Services contracts locally owned helicopters and typically uses the same helicopter providers that are already working for the utility.

Q. Will WIRE Services get LiDAR hits on all of the cables on my transmission line, including underbuilt cables?
A. Yes - WIRE Services uses the latest Laser technology which generates 240,000 laser pulses per second. Using this type of laser, WIRE Services has seen as many as 8 returns per pulse resulting in a very dense point cloud. Also, the helicopter does not fly directly above the transmission line in order to eliminate the “shadow” effect of the primary conductors on the underbuilt conductors.

Q. Does WIRE Services perform their own engineering?
A. Yes - WIRE Services has an experienced team of engineers and technologist that have backgrounds in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Survey Engineering. All engineering is done in house. Our extensive utility experience gives us an advantage over the typical LiDAR company who generally subcontracts out the transmission line modeling and analysis portion of the work. We have trained our LiDAR team on the data collection and processing methods depending on what type of project we are working on. The style of survey depends whether it’s a new corridor, an existing transmission line, or a wide-area project. We also provide new transmission line design services based on both LiDAR and conventional surveys.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. There are many variables that contribute to the total cost. WIRE Services customizes the requirements of each project to meet the needs of the client, since they tend to differ from one client to the next. To obtain an estimate for your specific requirements, please contact David Enns @