WIRE Services, A Manitoba Hydro Initiative

WIRE Services is a business venture initiated by Manitoba Hydro that is based on extensive experience and expertise developed using LiDAR data within the utility environment. This unique combination of utility and industry experience provides T&D asset owners & operators with thermal rating, upgrade, and engineering solutions from a unique utility perspective.

Electric utilities all over the world are faced with the same challenge of optimizing their transmission line resources to maximize capacity and satisfy the ever growing demand for power. Prior to taking on such challenging upgrade projects, utilities require up-to-date information on their transmission line infrastructure.

WIRE Services specializes in the creation of As-Built models of transmission line infrastructure, providing utilities with precise information of what they have along their Right of Way (ROW). These As-Built models provide the basis upon which detailed engineering analysis can be performed to provide optimized solutions.

In order to obtain the most accurate LiDAR data, WIRE Services deals with numerous LiDAR Data providers to select the highest quality and most cost effective provider that will meet project timelines and specifications.